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Science is not taking a stand for Michael Mann

[I originally sent this to WUWT but Anthony just copied a half of one of Steyn’s posts and posted that instead. So I’m reposting it here] I noticed a couple of updates on Mark Steyn’s blog regarding the suit brought … Continue reading

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Monckton and I

I post this here because it’s a lovely conversation. Christopher Monckton (or Viscount Monckton of Brenchley as he is styled) produced this post on WUWT in the wake of the UKIP’s surge of support in the European Elections of 2014: UK’s … Continue reading

Climate change alarmism and apocalyptic religion

Just reading this article by Nigel Lawson, reproduced on Watts Up With That, there is this excellent section which concurs with much of my own opinion that climate change alarmism is disguised fundamentalist religion: It is difficult to escape the … Continue reading

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Dueling climate reports

NOTE: This op-ed is apparently too hot for some editors to handle. Late last week it was accepted and posted on only to be abruptly removed some two hours later. After several hours of attempting to determine why it … Continue reading

When is a (warming) trend real?

Here is the problem. A cartoon by XKCD ..and of course it got a boost from the Bad Astronomer: It’s not like my pal Randall needs the traffic from me, but his xkcd comic on the new normal from global … Continue reading

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A new decade, another stock bubble

We’re on the edge of a new stock bubble. First we get good IPOs (LinkedIn and Facebook in the near future) with reasonable growth and profits, then the quality goes south as investors pile in to ever shittier prospects. And … Continue reading

The iPad dead-end

In a slight departure from my normal blogging, I thought I’d tackle a subject close to my heart – the iPad. Or more accurately, in my opinion the iPad is not the dominant computing paradigm of the future, it’s a … Continue reading

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