The Armagh Record: Almost a random walk

As if to demonstrate that some climatic time series contain a lot less than you’d expect, here is the Armagh Maximum Temperature record from January 1844 to December 2004 (160 years)


Looks a lot like noise, doesn’t it?

As an example of what the record looks like on the scale of a few years:


So the yearly cycle is there, but is there anything else: ENSO? NAO? Arctic Oscillation?

Over to Fourier…


That peak is the annual cycle. There is no other periodic signal in the Armagh T-max record.

NB There were a very few missing values (days) which were pseudorandomly distributed. I infilled them with the mean of the entire series. They made no difference to the results of the analysis.

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  1. Gary says:

    Maybe the ITC (Irish Tele-Connection) system in on the fritz. Is it the same for T-min?

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