Thought for the Day: The Importance of Memory

From “Learn to Remember” by Dominic O’Brien.

Recently, perhaps the most influential development in memory has occurred not in the human mind but in machines. Our memory skills have become neglected as we increasingly rely on external means of recording information – from the video to the personal organizer. We rate our computers by the size of their “memory” and the speed with which they access it. We marvel at the versatility of the Internet. Yet we neglect to realize the full potential that our own brains possess. Memory skills are not taught in schools. yet memory is still tested in examinations

As I’ve got older, I’ve also become wary of information sources that cannot be trusted, that change from one moment to the next at the whim of some unknown person. Like Wikipedia, for example.

Memory is still tested in me every time I take a job or work on a piece of computer infrastructure. Yet my memory is a constant source of frustration.

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