Global Sea Level rise appears to be slowing

Steve Goddard has noted that global sea level rise as measured by satellites appears to have slowed.

Certainly the rate appears to have slowed. The linear rise through all of the data suggests somewhere north of 3 mm/year but in the last 7-10 years the rise appears to have slowed.

The red and green graphs are the global sea levels with inverted barometer adjustment and no inverted barometer adjustment made (barometer adjustments are usually important since high atmospheric pressure depresses the sea surface, while low pressure does the reverse)

However fitting a cubic polynomial shows the rise appears to be slowing. Impressionistically the rise of sea levels might be part of a longer period cyclical rise and fall rather than a monotonic rise as a result of a greenhouse gas forcing.

Data from

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  1. Gary says:

    There’s an interesting annual cycle with amplitude of about 10mm. I think I can see the influence of a couple of El Ninos too. I don’t recall seeing years displayed in scientific notation before, though. 😉

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