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Since this is the first post, I’m going to set out what this blog is and is not.

A blog of original writing

I’ve seen lots of blogs which were little more than links to other people’s original content, or just news that might be interesting. What they weren’t was original.

Original writing is much more difficult than the usual blog of links to favourite webpages or other people’s blogs quoting them at length.

Just say no to digital narcissism!

Of course, original writing is much easier when you can talk about yourself – as if the Universe revolved around you, your dysfunctional relationships, your neuroses, your cat, your local coffeeshop.

But I’m not interested in myself, and frankly neither are you (unless there’s something wrong with you), so there won’t be personal confessions on this blog or too much about me. What you will get from this blog is something of how I see the world – but you won’t find out much about my personal life.


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This isn’t a political blog but inevitably politics will intrude somewhere along the line. Am I a liberal, a conservative, a libertarian, a socialist, a moderate? My objective is to keep you guessing. I may link to opinions which come from any of those positions but that doesn’t mean I subscribe to them.

The problem of political correctness is that it implies censorship of certain types of views and certain beliefs as somehow beyond-the-pale. This blog isn’t politically correct, nor will I spend any time defending my use of language. As a student of Orwell and Voltaire (pictured, right), I mistrust all attempts to define what is and is not acceptable speech.


This is my blog and represents only my views. It does not represent the views of my employer (although when I was self-employed, it obviously did), nor of my wife, family or friends.

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